A collection of useful Math examples for solving problems, calculating results, drawing shapes, and more!


A Plus B Squared
Absolute Value of Number
Approximate Square Root of Two with Recursive Formula
Derive Distance Between Two Points Formula
Derive Law of Sines
Derive Quadratic Formula
Distance Between Two Points 2D
Factorial of Number
Line Through Two Points
Midpoint of Line
Point Where Two Lines Intersect
Quadratic Formula
Slope of Line
Sum of Counting Numbers
Sum of Square Numbers


Factors of a Number


Line Tangent to Point
Riemann Sum of Function Left Approximation


Bisect Line with Compass and Straight Edge
A Plus B Squared
Approximate PI Geometrically
Area of Circle given Radius
Area of Rectangle
Bisect Angle with Compass and Straight Edge
Circumference of Circle given Radius
Construct Bezier Curve with Ruler
Construct Ellipse with two Tacks, String, and Pencil
Construct Equilateral Triangle
Cross Product
Derive Law of Sines
Distance Between Two Points
Distance Between Two Points 2D
Line Through Two Points
Midpoint of Line
Perimeter of Two to the n Sided Polygon
Point Where Two Lines Intersect

Linear Algebra

2D Rotation Matrix
2D Scalar Matrix
Cross Product
Determinant of Three by Three Matrix
Determinant of Two by Two Matrix


N Choose R Order Does Not Matter
N Choose R Order Matters
Number of Permutations for N Distinct Items
Population Mean of Continuous Distribution
Population Mean of Discrete Distribution
Variance of Discrete Distribution

Set Theory

Union of {1, 2, 3} and {2, 3, 4}


Angle of Right Triangle Given Two Sides
Convert Angle from Degrees to Radians
Convert Angle from Radians to Degrees
Convert Point From Polar Coordinates to Cartesian Coordinates
Derive Law of Sines