Capital V Symbol (V)

The capital Latin letter is commonly used in math as a variable to represent volume.

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V Unicode


Latin Alphabet

The Latin Alphabet is a collection of 26 symbols that form the basis of the English language. The alphabet's symbols are used throughout mathematics to represent variables, constants, and coeffecients.

Volume of Cone

The volume of a cone is given by one third multiplied by PI, the radius of its base squared, and its height.

Volume of Cube

The volume of a cube is given by the length of the cube length raised to the third power.

Volume of Cylinder

The volume of a cylinder is given by 1/2 τ (tau) multiplied by the radius squared and height.

Volume of Rectangular Prism

To calculate the volume of a rectangular prism multiply its height, width, and length together.

Volume of Sphere

The volume of a sphere is given by two-thirds multiplied by the circle constant τ (tau) multiplied by the radius cubed.

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The latin letter v.