A circle defined by a center point and radius.

A circle is a basic geometric shape that is used throughout mathematics. A circle is defined as a shape where every point along its perimeter is an equal distance from its center.

Circle Radius Radius
The radius is the distance from the center of the circle to any point along the perimeter of the circle.
Circle Circumference Circumference
The circumference, denoted with the variable , is the length around the perimeter of the circle.
Circle Diameter Diameter
The diameter is the distance between any two points along the perimeter of the circle that passes through the center of the circle.
Circle Area Area
The area of a circle is the amount of two-dimensional space that fits inside the perimeter of the circle.
Circle Constant Circle Constant
The circle constant (tau) is a naturally occuring number calculated by dividing the circumference of any circle by its radius. Read more…

Related Terms


A sphere is a three-dimensional geometric shape that is perfectly symmetrical around its center. All points on the surface of a sphere are equidistant from its center.


Area is a mathematical term that describes the amount of space inside a two-dimensional shape, like a square, rectangle, or circle. It's like counting the number of square units that can fit inside a shape.