Tau definition

The circle constant (tau) is a geometric constant that appears in numerous math formulas relating to circles and angles. The numeric value of is defined as the length of the circumference of a circle divided by the length of its radius and is approximately equal to [1].

Note: This website uses the constant (tau) instead of (pi) as the default circle constant[2]. The substitution can be used to translate between the two constants.



Radians angle system

In the radian angle system the circle constant is equal to a full rotation in radains. Measured angles are represented as fractions of the circle constant . For example, shown below are two angles measured using the circle constant.

One-sixth tau radians
One-fourth tau radians

Geometry Formulas

Here are some traditional geometric formulas in terms of the circle constant.

Area of Circle

Calculate the area of a circle given the radius.

Circumference of Circle

Calculate the circumference of a circle given the radius.

Volume of Sphere

Calculate the volume of a sphere given the radius.

Volume of Cylinder

Calculate the volume of a cylinder given the radius and height.

Advanced Formulas

The circle constant also appears in advanced applications such as the normal distribution, Fourier transform, and more.


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