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The set of complex numbers is represented by the Latin capital letter C presented with a double-struck font face. The set of complex numbers extends the set of real numbers and is visualized in the complex plane. Typically, the symbol appears in an expression like this:

In plain language, this expression means the variable represents a number in the set of complex numbers.


capital c

The Latin capital letter C is used in mathematics as a variable. For example, it appears in geometric formulas as a variable representing the circumference of a circle. The symbol is also used to represent the set of complex numbers, although, this is usually indicated with a "double-struck" typeface.

set of natural numbers

Set of natural numbers.

set of integers

Set of integers symbol.

set of rational numbers

The set of rational numbers is denoted with the Latin Capital letter Q presented in a double-struck type face.

set of real numbers

The set of real numbers symbol is a Latin capital R presented in double-struck typeface.


Complex Numbers

Complex numbers are an extension of the real number system with useful properties that model two dimensional space and trigonometry.

Set of Complex Numbers

The set of complex numbers contains all possible complex numbers. Each complex number has a real part and an complex part.