Greek Small Letter Pi

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The Greek small letter (pi) is used in trigonometry as a constant to represent a half-rotation around a circle in radians. The value of is approximately and appears in many math formulas and expressions. Read more…


capital pi

The capital Greek letter Pi (Π) is used in algebra to represent the product operator. The product operator has three parts: the initial index value, an end value, and the expression being multiplied together.


π (pi)

The greek letter π (pi) is a geometric constant approximately equal to 3.1416. Its value is equal to the length of any circle's circumference divided by its diameter.

Circumference of Circle π (pi)

The circumference of a circle is given the constant π (pi) multpilied by two times the radius of the circle.

Area of Circle π (pi)

The traditional formula for the area of a circle is given in terms of the geometric constant π (pi).

Radian Angle System

Radians are a unit that measure angle using the radius of a circle. One radian is equal to the amount of rotation required to travel the length of one radius along the circumference of the circle.