Perpendicular Symbol

In geometry, the perpendicular symbol is used to show that two lines are perpendicular lines to eachother. Visually, the symbol is made up of two lines which form a perpendicular angle. Typically the perpendicular symbol is used in an expression like this:

In plain langauge this means that the line defined by the two points and and the other line defined by the two points and are perpendicular to each other.

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Perpendicular Lines | Notation

The symbol for two perpendicular lines is a horizontal line with another line drawn perpendicular to it.

Perpendicular Angle | Notation

A perpendicular angle is visually denoted by drawing a square at the vertex of the angle. The measured angle is equal to π/2 radians or 90°.

Perpendicular Lines | Concept

A Perpendicular angle, sometimes also referred to as a square angle, is exactly 90 degrees or PI fourths.