Capital Pi Symbol

The capital Greek letter Pi () is used in math to represent the product operator. Typically, the product operator is used in an expression like this:

The product operator has three parts: the initial index variable value, the end value, and the expression being multiplied together. In plain language, the above expression means starting with , substitute the value of into the expression to get a sub-expression. Increment the value of by adding one to its current value and substitute the value of into the expression again to get the second sub-expression. Repeat this process until the value of reaches the end value and then multiply the resulting sub-expressions together.

Symbol Format Data
Π Unicode


Product Notation
Product | Operator

The product operator multiplies the expression starting at an initial value, incrementing by one for each sub-expression, and ending at the end value.

Related Symbols

Pi | Symbol

The Greek letter π (pi) is used in trigonometry as a constant to represent a half-rotation around a circle in radians. The value of π is approximately 3.14 and appears in the geometric formulas for finding the circumference and area of the circle. The value of π can be calculated by dividing any circle's circumference by its diameter.