Capital P Symbol (P)

The capital Latin letter is used throughout mathematics as a variable. The symbol is used to represent a point in space in the cartesian coordinate system. The symbol is used in various formulas and in statistics the symbol is used to represent a probability distribution.

Symbol Format Data
P Unicode


Probability Distribution

A probability distribution is a function that describes the likeliness of a random variable to take on different values.

Compound Interest

The compound interest formula calculates the growth of an initial value whos interest compounds over time. The frequency of when the interest is calculated and added to the initial amount can occur continuously,


A point represents a position in space. In modern mathematics, space is represented using the cartesian coordinate system where there is an origin and the position of a point in space is measured by its distance from the origin.

Latin Alphabet

The Latin Alphabet is a collection of 26 symbols that form the basis of the English language. The alphabet's symbols are used throughout mathematics to represent variables, constants, and coeffecients.

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The latin letter p.