Capital I Symbol

The capital Latin letter I is used in math to represent the identity matrix sometimes with subtext to represent the size of the matrix.

For example, the symbol appears in an expression like this:

In plain language this means that the expression is equal to the square identity matrix with a width and height of two. More generically the expression represents the identity matrix with a width and height of .

Symbol Format Data
I Unicode


Identity Matrix | Concept

The identity matrix is a function that when given a vector as input outputs an identitical vector as ouput.

Latin Alphabet | Concept

The Latin Alphabet is a collection of 26 symbols that form the basis of the English language. The alphabet's symbols are used throughout mathematics to represent variables, constants, and coeffecients.

Related Symbols

I | Symbol

The latin letter i is used in mathematics in the definition of a complex to represent the square root of negative one.