Latin Capital Letter A

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The capital Latin letter A is used in algebra as a variable. In probability, the symbol is used to represent a random variable. In linear algebra, the symbol is used as a variable for matrices. For example, the symbol is typically used in an expression like this:

In plain language, this expression means that the variable is equal to the two-by-two matrix with the coefficients , , and .



The latin letter a is used to represent a variable or coefficient.



In math, a matrix is a function that maps between two vector spaces. A matrix can also be thought of as a shorthand way to write a system of linear equations.

Compound Interest

The compound interest formula calculates the growth of an initial value whos interest compounds over time. The frequency of when the interest is calculated and added to the initial amount can occur continuously,

Probability of Two Events

The probability of two events is given by the probability of the first event occurring given that the second event has occured multiplied by the probility of the second event occuring.