Symbol Table

A reference table of math symbols. Each symbol is linked to a page containing various formats and its usage. Visually browse the same collection as a grid.

Symbol Name Ascii Tex Decimal Value Link
Zero Symbol zero 0 0 48
One Symbol one 1 1 49
Two Symbol two 2 2 50
Three Symbol three 3 3 51
Four Symbol four 4 4 52
Five Symbol five 5 5 53
Six Symbol six 6 6 54
Seven Symbol seven 7 7 55
Eight Symbol eight 8 8 56
Nine Symbol nine 9 9 57
Decimal Point Symbol decimal point . . 46
Plus Symbol plus + + 43
Minus Symbol minus - 8722
Times Symbol times × \times 215
Dot Operator Symbol dot operator \cdot 8901
Division Symbol division ÷ \div 247
Left Parenthesis Symbol left parenthesis ( ( 40
Right Parenthesis Symbol right parenthesis ) ) 41
Exclamation Mark Symbol exclamation mark ! ! 33
Radical Symbol radical \sqrt{} 8730
Equal Symbol equal = = 61
Not Equal Symbol not equal \neq 8800
Approximately Symbol approximately \approx 8776
Less Than Symbol less than < < 60
Greater Than Symbol greater than > > 62
Less Than or Equal Symbol less than or equal \leq 8804
Greater Than or Equal Symbol greater than or equal \geq 8805
A Symbol a a a 97
B Symbol b b b 98
C Symbol c c c 99
D Symbol d d d 100
E Symbol e e e 101
F Symbol f f f 102
G Symbol g g g 103
H Symbol h h h 104
I Symbol i i i 105
J Symbol j j j 106
K Symbol k k k 107
L Symbol l l l 108
M Symbol m m m 109
N Symbol n n n 110
O Symbol o o o 111
P Symbol p p p 112
Q Symbol q q q 113
R Symbol r r r 114
S Symbol s s s 115
T Symbol t t t 116
U Symbol u u u 117
V Symbol v v v 118
W Symbol w w w 119
X Symbol x x x 120
Y Symbol y y y 121
Z Symbol z z z 122
Capital A Symbol capital a A A 65
Capital B Symbol capital b B B 66
Capital C Symbol capital c C C 67
Capital D Symbol capital d D D 68
Capital E Symbol capital e E E 69
Capital F Symbol capital f F F 70
Capital G Symbol capital g G G 71
Capital H Symbol capital h H H 72
Capital I Symbol capital i I I 73
Capital J Symbol capital j J J 74
Capital K Symbol capital k K K 75
Capital L Symbol capital l L L 76
Capital M Symbol capital m M M 77
Capital N Symbol capital n N N 78
Capital O Symbol capital o O O 79
Capital P Symbol capital p P P 80
Capital Q Symbol capital q Q Q 81
Capital R Symbol capital r R R 82
Capital S Symbol capital s S S 83
Capital T Symbol capital t T T 84
Capital U Symbol capital u U U 85
Capital V Symbol capital v V V 86
Capital W Symbol capital w W W 87
Capital X Symbol capital x X X 88
Capital Y Symbol capital y Y Y 89
Capital Z Symbol capital z Z Z 90
Alpha Symbol alpha α \alpha 945
Beta Symbol beta β \beta 946
Gamma Symbol gamma γ \gamma 947
Delta Symbol delta δ \delta 948
Epsilon Symbol epsilon ε \epsilon 949
Zeta Symbol zeta ζ \zeta 950
Eta Symbol eta η \eta 951
Theta Symbol theta θ \theta 952
Iota Symbol iota ι \iota 953
Kappa Symbol kappa κ \kappa 954
Lambda Symbol lambda λ \lambda 955
Mu Symbol mu μ \mu 956
Nu Symbol nu ν \nu 957
Xi Symbol xi ξ \xi 958
Omicron Symbol omicron ο \omicron 959
Pi Symbol pi π \pi 960
Rho Symbol rho ρ \rho 961
Sigma Symbol sigma σ \sigma 963
Tau Symbol tau τ \tau 964
Upsilon Symbol upsilon υ \upsilon 965
Phi Symbol phi φ \phi 966
Var Phi Symbol var phi φ \varphi 966
Chi Symbol chi χ \chi 967
Psi Symbol psi ψ \psi 968
Omega Symbol omega ω \omega 969
Capital Alpha Symbol capital alpha Α \Alpha 913
Capital Beta Symbol capital beta Β \Beta 914
Capital Gamma Symbol capital gamma Γ \Gamma 915
Capital Delta Symbol capital delta Δ \Delta 916
Capital Epsilon Symbol capital epsilon Ε \Epsilon 917
Capital Zeta Symbol capital zeta Ζ \Zeta 918
Capital Eta Symbol capital eta Η \Eta 919
Capital Theta Symbol capital theta Θ \Theta 920
Capital Iota Symbol capital iota Ι \Iota 921
Capital Kappa Symbol capital kappa Κ \Kappa 922
Capital Lambda Symbol capital lambda Λ \Lambda 923
Capital Mu Symbol capital mu Μ \Mu 924
Capital Nu Symbol capital nu Ν \Nu 925
Capital Xi Symbol capital xi Ξ \Xi 926
Capital Omicron Symbol capital omicron Ο \Omicron 927
Capital Pi Symbol capital pi Π \Pi 928
Capital Rho Symbol capital rho Ρ \Rho 929
Capital Sigma Symbol capital sigma Σ \Sigma 931
Capital Tau Symbol capital tau Τ \Tau 932
Capital Upsilon Symbol capital upsilon Υ \Upsilon 933
Capital Phi Symbol capital phi Φ \Phi 934
Capital Chi Symbol capital chi Χ \Chi 935
Capital Psi Symbol capital psi Ψ \Psi 936
Capital Omega Symbol capital omega Ω \Omega 937
Forward Slash Symbol forward slash / / 47
Backward Slash Symbol backward slash \ \\ 92
Left Square Bracket Symbol left square bracket [ [ 91
Right Square Bracket Symbol right square bracket ] ] 93
Left Curly Brace Symbol left curly brace { \lbrace 123
Right Curly Brace Symbol right curly brace } \rbrace 125
Left Angle Bracket Symbol left angle bracket \langle 10216
Right Angle Bracket Symbol right angle bracket \rangle 10217
Vertical Bar Symbol vertical bar | | 124
Plus Minus Symbol plus minus ± \pm 177
Caret Symbol caret ^ \text{\textasciicircum} 94
Asterisk Symbol asterisk * * 42
Hyphen Symbol hyphen - - 45
Colon Symbol colon : : 58
Percent Symbol percent % \% 37
Question Mark Symbol question mark ? ? 63
Dollar Symbol dollar $ \$ 36
Tilde Symbol tilde ~ \text{\textasciitilde} 126
Apostrophe Symbol apostrophe ' ' 39
Comma Symbol comma , , 44
Degrees Symbol degrees ° \degree 176
Quote Symbol quote " " 34
Ellipsis Symbol ellipsis \dots 8230
Perpendicular Symbol perpendicular \perp 8869
Infinity Symbol infinity \infin 8734
Equivalent Symbol equivalent \equiv 8801
Negation Symbol negation ¬ \neg 172
And Symbol and \land 8743
Or Symbol or \lor 8744
Xor Symbol xor \veebar 8891
Xor-Alt Symbol xor-alt \oplus 8853
Implies Symbol implies \implies 10233
Triangle Symbol triangle \triangle 9651
Angle Symbol angle \angle 8736
Measured Angle Symbol measured angle \measuredangle 8737
Parallel Symbol parallel \parallel 8741
Circle Symbol circle \circ 9711
X Bar Symbol x bar \bar{x} 120
Set of Real Numbers Symbol set of real numbers \reals 8477
Set of Integers Symbol set of integers \mathbb{Z} 8484
Set of Natural Numbers Symbol set of natural numbers \natnums 8469
Set of Rational Numbers Symbol set of rational numbers \mathbb{Q} 8474
Set of Complex Numbers Symbol set of complex numbers \cnums 8450
Empty Set Symbol empty set \empty 8709
Intersection Symbol intersection \cap 8745
Union Symbol union \cup 8746
Proper Subset Symbol proper subset \subset 8834
Proper Superset Symbol proper superset \supset 8835
Subset Symbol subset \subseteq 8838
Superset Symbol superset \supseteq 8839
For All Symbol for all \forall 8704
There Exists Symbol there exists \exists 8707
Member Of Symbol member of \in 8712
Therefore Symbol therefore \therefore 8756
Left Arrow Symbol left arrow \gets 8592
Right Arrow Symbol right arrow \to 8594
Maps To Symbol maps to \mapsto 8614
Integral Symbol integral \int 8747
Contour Integral Symbol contour integral \oint 8750
Partial Symbol partial \partial 8706
Upside Down Triangle Symbol upside down triangle \triangledown 9661
Nabla Symbol nabla \nabla 8711