A collection of math subjects. Each subject is orgainized into different sections like notation, concepts, and examples.

Arithmetic Thumbnail

Arithmetic is a subject in math that covers the basic manipulation and properties of numbers.

Numbers Thumbnail

Numbers are the building blocks of mathematics. A number represents a quantity expressed using symbols.

Algebra Thumbnail

Algebra is the branch of mathematics that uses symbols to represent unknown quantities and numbers.

Set Theory Thumbnail
Set Theory

Set theory is a branch of mathematics that deals with sets and their different properties and definitions. A set is a collection of element where each element is unique.

Geometry Thumbnail

Geometry is the study of space and shape. Modern mathematics usually approaches geometry from the view point of the Cartesian Coordinate System.

Trigonometry Thumbnail

Trigonometry is the study of triangles. The subject is a subset of geometry and focuses on the properties of triangles, especially that of the right triangle.

Calculus Thumbnail

Calculus is a subject in mathematics that is all about making curvy things look straight.

Probability Thumbnail

Probability is used to estimate the likely-hood of an event. Probabilities are always non-negative and sum to one.

Boolean Logic Thumbnail
Boolean Logic

Boolean Logic is a branch of mathematics operates on true and false values. It is extensively used in modern computer languages to control the flow of how a program executes and behaves.

Computing Thumbnail

Computing is a subject devoted to the application of mathematics in relation to computers.

Linear Algebra Thumbnail
Linear Algebra

Linear algebra is the study of systems of equations and functions that map between vector spaces


Logic is a branch of mathematics that is fundemental to life on earth.