Multiplication Parentheses Notation

Multiplication ParenthesesNotation

Two expressions placed next to eachother and separated by parenthesis are assumed to be multiplied together.


Alternative Notation

Since multiplication is a very common operation in mathematics, there are alternative, short-hand ways of expressing the operation. In elementary mathematics the times symbol (×) is often used, but then later dropped in favor of the center dot, parentheses, or implicitly represented by two variables next to each other.

Multiplication Notation

A dot between two numbers denotes multiplication in mathematics.

Multiplication Variables Notation
Multiplication Variables

In mathematics when two variables are next to each other the implied operation is multiplication. This makes many equations and formulas more simple.

Multiplication Computing Notation
Multiplication Computing

When entering an expression in a computer multiplication is represented using the asterisk symbol.


Multiplication | Operator

Multiplication is a basic arithmetic operation performed on two numbers. Multiplying a number by another number is the same as taking n groups of the other number.