Set of Complex Numbers

The set of complex numbers extends the set of real numbers and is defined in the form of , where represents the square root of negative one and and are members of the set of real numbers. The set is denoted using the latin capital letter presented in a double-struck typeface as the symbol .

Related Terms

Set of Natural Numbers

The set of natural numbers, denoted as ℕ, includes all positive integers starting from 0. In some definitions, it also starts at 1 instead of zero.

Set of Integers

The set of integers, denoted as ℤ, includes all positive and negative whole numbers, along with zero. For example, the numbers -2, 0 and 3 are all integers, but numbers like 1/2 or the square root of 2 are not.

Set of Rational Numbers

The set of rational numbers can be defined by the quotient of two numbers belonging to the set of integers, where the divisor is non-zero.

Set of Real Numbers

The set of real numbers includes all rational and irrational numbers. It represents the entire continuum of possible number values from negative infinity to positive infinity.