The physical amount of two-dimensional space that a shape takes up.

A grid demonstrating area.


Area of Circle

The area of a circle is given by one-half multiplied by τ (tau) multiplied by the radius of the circle squared.

Area of Rectangle

The Area of a rectangle is given by its width multiplied by its height.

Area of Triangle

The area of a triangle is given by one-half multiplied by its width and height.

Area of Parallelogram

The area of any parallelogram is equal to the base multiplied by the height.

Area of Trapezoid

The area of a trapezoid is given by its height multiplied by the sum of its top length and bottom length divided by two.

Area Between Two Vectors 2D

The area between two vectors in 2D is given by the magnitude of their cross product. This formula is a generic way to find the area of any triangle given three points.