Degree Angle System

Degree Angle System

Degrees are a unit that measures angles. A full rotation in degrees is equal to . By convention, degrees are measured starting from the rightmost edge of the circle with the positive direction corresponding to counter-clockwise rotation.

Common Angles

Shown below are some common angles measured in degrees. These angles are common since they divide a full rotation into equal parts.

30 Degree Angle
45 Degree Angle
60 Degree Angle
90 Degree Angle

Radian Angle System

While angles are often introduced using the degree angle system, later in math, angles are typically measured using the radian angle system[1]. To convert an angle from degrees to radians, multiply by the circle constant (tau) and divide by degrees[2]. For example, to convert 60 degrees to radians multiply by tau, which is approximately equal to 6.28318530718, and divide by 360.

To read more about the difference between the two angle systems see this page.


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