Wumbo is a math reference site for students and teachers. Its mission is to provide free, high-quality content that explains math in the clearest way possible. The content has a strong emphasis on clarity, visuals and interactivity.

The level of mathematics covered by the site is primarily high school to college level mathematics. For the immediate future, the focus of the project is Trigonometry. The three web-books, listed below, are in development and represent a major goal for the site.

  1. Trigonometry Introduction
  2. Trigonometry Fundamentals
  3. Trigonometry in the Complex Plane

When the books are complete, I will write a retrospective on the project and reavaluate plans for the future. Until then, I hope you find the site useful and join me on the journey!


Hi! My name is Kurt Bruns and I’m the author of the site. I started developing the site in 2017 and have a computer science degree from the University of Utah (Fall 2019). Send me an email at contact@wumbo.net if you have any questions, feedback or comments!


Here are the tools used to build the website.


Fast, open-source, static site generator.

Github pages

Hosted on github pages.


Math equations are rendered using Katex.


Interactive vector graphics library.

Google Analytics

Provides site usage data.

Primitive UI

Cascading style sheet boilerplate.


Powers the site search.


Extracts TeX from documents.


Here are some of the people and projects that have inspired Wumbo.

Khan Academy

Free education for anyone, anywhere.


Become an Excel ninja.


Interactive Graphing Calculator.


Math explained and visualized.