The goal of this website is to publish math as it should be. The content aims to be high quality and uniquely suited for the web. The project is under development and is still going through growing pains. The site has been strongly influenced by the general utility and usefulness of the web, and hopefully with time will prove to be useful for others.


The structure of this web site is still taking shape, but here is an idea of the general structure and content:



I am a university student soon to graduate with a degree in computer science. I have always liked mathematics, especially when it is visually explained and has real world application. I have also been frustrated by mathematics, mostly as a result of the American School system. This strange love hate relationship defines the motivation for this project.


This website is built using Hugo and hosted on Github pages. The interactive library is written in Typescript and has no dependencies. The images are created in Adobe Illustrator, generated from code, or drawn by hand. The math equations are rendered using Katex.


These websites are examples of good and interesting work being done on the web right now.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an incredible website and resource. The amount of content and its quality is staggering. One can go there to learn anything. This Ted Talk given by the founder, Sal Khan, does a good job explaining the vision and potential of the site.


Exceljet is a resource for the spreadsheet application Excel. The website offers high-quality free resources and paid training. The site and its content is accessible to anyone working in Excel, whether they are a student, analyst, constultant, or hobbyist. The clear writing and stripped down style make it an indespensible resource when tackling a problem.

Desmos Graphing Calculator

This website is a neat graphing calculator that is easy to use and intuitive. Whenever I need a quick graph of an equation, this is my go-to website.