The goal of this website is to publish math as it should be. I try to build accessible content that is uniquely suited for the web.


The content is grouped by type into the following sections.

ArticlesMath Articles.
ExamplesUseful math examples.
FormulasMath formulas for lookup and reference.
FunctionsMath functions for lookup and reference.
SubjectsCore math subjects.
SymbolsMath symbols and notation.


These are the tools that are currently used by this website right now.

HugoThis website is built using Hugo.
Github pagesThis website is hosted on github pages.
KatexThe math equations are rendered using Katex.
TypescriptThe interactive library is written using Typescript.
Primitive UICascading style sheet boilerplate.
LunrjsPowers the site search.


This is a collection of people and projects that make me smile.

Khan AcademyLearn anything
ExceljetBecome an Excel ninja
Primitive TechnologyA refreshing perspective in the modern age
Three Blue One BrownMath explained and visualized
NerdwriterVideo essayist